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You may register multiple people using this form and pay for them all together.  Fill out the form and submit it for each attendee.  

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With the submission of this form, I certify that the attendee is 21 years of age, and  agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of this event.  Furthermore, Upon arrival, the attendee will be required to sign a waiver agreeing not to hold the District of Columbia Bear Club, its membership, guests, or any commercial partner used in conjunction with the event, liable for any loss or injury to either the attendees personal property of  person while participating in this event.   The attendee  assume full financial responsibility for any damage I may cause to the property of any commercial establishment used in conjunction with this event.   The attendee  will also not use any non-prescription drugs or illegal substances while participating in BEAR INVASION activities.  The attendee will be required to sign a copy of this agreement when picking up his registration package.


Pressing this button will add your registration to the shopping cart & take you to PayPal Check-out cart. You WILL still have the option to continue shopping (add other persons, shirts, or caps).   Proceed to checkout if you do not wish to register another person or you do not wish to order an optional T-Shirt or optional Ball Cap.

After pressing the button above, a new window will open with your registration in the PayPal shopping cart.  You can either check out to pay by credit card, add another registration using the form above, or return to the registration menu to buy an optional T-Shirt or optional Ball Cap.

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