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High School in South Texas was not kind to Paul J. Williams.  As a “creative” teenager, he was in band, choir AND drama.  Wimp.  Nerd.  Fag.  To counter the endless teasing and name-calling, Paul learned early on to always have the last word.  Eventually, this defense mechanism developed into a very quick wit, which came in handy as he endured four repressive years of college at the largest Southern Baptist University in the world. In Waco, Texas.  How exciting. Now, years later, he has honed a sense of humor that has served him well as one of the smartest and funniest openly gay comics working today.

Originally planning to make his way through the management ranks of a major department store after college, he soon realized that his passion was to be a performer, whether as a singer or actor, and he left his retail career to pursue his dreams.  Comedy came into the picture during a Dallas community theater production when the director persuaded Paul and two other cast members to form a comedy/improv group.  Calling themselves LESS MISERABLE, the trio became a huge success over a six year period and performed in Los Angeles, New York and Provincetown, as well as garnering a huge hometown following in Dallas.  During a summer run in Provincetown, LESS MISERABLE shared a house with another comic who convinced Paul that he needed to go out on his own as a stand-up.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Now working on his own, he left Texas for New York in 1997 where he performed his one-man show, LEFT, OUT,…..AND NOT RIGHT! on three separate occasions, and was nominated for a Manhattan Association of Cabarets (MAC) Award as Outstanding Male Comic, in 2000, 2001 and 2002.  In 2003, Paul decided it was time to return to his Texas roots and he left the bright lights of New York for bright sunshine of Dallas where he is based today.  In 2000, Paul premiered a new show, DISHING IT OUT, which is a one-man tour de force in which he portrays six different characters all interacting in one afternoon in a Southern cafeteria.  DISHING IT OUT has been performed to rave reviews in New York; Charlotte, NC; Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, TX.  In addition to his numerous club gigs around the country, Paul has performed at a variety of events around the country including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s Tickled Pink Comedy Shows, Aspen Ski Week, Provincetown, Key West Arts Festival, and Washington DC’s Laugh Out Loud Festival.  Since 2005, he has also been one of the host/MCs for RSVP Cruises, in addition to his work with Romance Voyages.  Paul’s humor draws on his family, his church background, his experiences as a single male, and his political and social observations of the world around him.  In keeping with his wide appeal, Paul’s humor is funny without being crass, and his act often includes one of his original characters from DISHING IT OUT.  Paul is also a gifted singer and has done vocal ensemble work with both the New York Philharmonic and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  You can always keep up with Paul via his website,

BACKSTAGE Magazine has called Paul “…..very funny….genuine, intelligent, sensible, and appealing.”  AUSTIN AMERICAN STATESMAN proclaims Paul to be “one singularly outrageous” comic.  And the Dallas Observer praises Paul’s “strong satiric sense, locating the absurdity in every convention”.

Witty, cerebral, and always just a little warped, Paul J. Williams is out to make you laugh!

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